Return to Work Preparations

We hope that you, your families and coworkers are faring well and remaining healthy as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Our top priority is to ensure the utmost safety of our tenants, building staff and visitors. We know that the best way to achieve this is by partnering with you, our tenants.

We are continuing to monitor the fluid situation, and the additional COVID-19 related social distancing, health and safety policies and protocols that we have put in place are guided by the latest CDC, WHO, federal, state, and local guidelines and orders.

Below is a list of precautionary measures that we have put in place in preparation for “Return to Work”:

  • We have installed signage at all entry points listing all COVID-19 symptoms pursuant to the latest CDC guidance, and anyone who is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms may not enter the building.
  • We have also installed social distancing signage and markings at the entrances, and on the floors, walls and elevators on the lobby level and anywhere a line may form, for tenants and visitors to use as a guideline to maintain social distancing from one another.
  • Elevator cars will be limited to a maximum of 4 occupants per trip to facilitate recommended social distancing set forth by the LA County Health Department (Appendix D). We have also applied NanoSeptic continuous self-cleaning skins on all elevator call buttons which are effective against viruses as an added precautionary measure.
  • We have installed clear shields at the Security Desks and Valet Desk.
  • We have installed hand washing signage in each restroom. As always, we will continue to have Safe T Gard tissue dispensers located in each restroom for you to utilize on the door handle when exiting the restrooms.
  • We will continue our enhanced cleaning program for public areas, using an EPA registered disinfectant at an increased frequency on all touch points throughout the common areas including door handles, elevator buttons, restrooms, mailroom, etc.
  • We have added hand sanitizing stations at both the 1875 and 1925 ingress/egress as well as at each elevator bank on the lobby level for all to utilize. We have installed hand sanitizing stations in each elevator lobby on the multi-tenant floors.
  • All of our employees and all building tenants and visitors wear face coverings while in the building. All of our building staff will continue to utilize PPE (personal protective equipment) when at the building, including face coverings. Please note that, pursuant to the Los Angeles mask mandate order, businesses in operation must provide cloth face coverings to employees and contracted workers whose duties require close contact (within 6 feet for 10+ minutes) with others.
  • Mail will continue to be delivered to the Mailroom and all deliveries will be allowed per usual as long as the delivery personnel are wearing PPE and following the social distancing guidelines.
  • Each tower at Watt Plaza has two separate air handling stations–one for floors 1-11 and one for floors 12-23. They are constantly bringing in fresh air, mixed with some recirculated air when the air handler is in operation. All incoming and recirculated air is run through a filtration system using a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of 13 (commonly known as a MERV-13 standard). MERV-13, which is required to meet LEED standards, is generally considered “hospital grade” air filtration. These filters can trap up to 98% of airborne particles as small as .3 microns.

Watt Plaza and all tenants and visitors will remain subject to all applicable state and local orders and CDC guidelines, including requirements to wear face coverings, implement social distancing protocols in the workplace, and practice proper social distancing and sanitation measures to minimize risk of COVID-19 spread. Our return to the building will be guided by these orders, and we strongly encourage our tenants to establish their own social distancing protocols in compliance with state and local orders, CDC and WHO guidance. Please encourage your workforce to review and comply with all signage and social distancing protocols in the building.

We are carefully monitoring the latest guidance and best practices with regard to COVID-19 safety, and the applicable orders regarding social distancing requirements. As these guidelines and orders change, we may adjust these COVID-19 related policies and protocols accordingly. We will keep you updated on all changes that affect you.

Please feel free to contact the Building Management Office at (310) 789-2179 with any questions or concerns.