After a drive in the heavy Los Angeles traffic, both to and from work, Watt Plaza wants to make your parking experience hassle-free and pleasurable. The following information is created to help guide you through various parking procedures and guidelines with ease and get the most from your parking experience here at Watt Plaza. Building Management encourages tenants to take advantage of the various programs therein.

Amenities: Need your car washed, no time to park your car, check out the information contained in this section.

Commercial Parking Area: What are the rules and restrictions for parking in the commercial parking area?

Frequently Asked Questions: After a hard day at work I arrive to my car and notice my tire is flat – who can I call? My battery is dead – can someone help me? How do I obtain a parking pass? Where and how can I obtain a parking card key?

General Information: Where is the parking office, who staffs the garage and when? Review the general information here as a start.

Hours of Operation: What time does the parking garage close? What time is the parking staff available to answer questions or process tickets?

Rates: How much is it for a book of visitor follow up validation tickets? How much is it for a book of all day validations? What is the cost for Valet Parking? Shopping – Compare all available rates here.

EV Charging Station

Rules and Regulations: Know the rules and kindly observe them. No – you can’t smoke in the garage! Yes – overnight parking is available – upon request. Knowledge is power.