Vendor Insurance

The vendor insurance requirement of Watt Plaza exists not only for the owner’s protection but for yours as well. We remind you that your Lease provides that you, as a tenant, bear full responsibility for any liabilities that arise out of your tenancy at Watt Plaza. The Landlord can look directly to the tenant for full defense and indemnification in the event claims or litigation arises from their activities at Watt Plaza if your vendors and contractors do not carry insurance.

Whenever you retain any person or company – anything from a moving company, or any sort of contractor or anyone else – to perform services related to your tenancy at Watt Plaza, it is our policy to ask that those persons and companies provide us with evidence of General Liability, Automobile and Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and to name the owner, 1875/1925 Century Park East Company, as well as Watt Management Company as additional insured's on the liability portion of that coverage.
Please provide us with Certificates of Insurance from all vendors, contractors and other service providers retained by you to perform services related to your suite(s) if you have not already done so.
Planning a move or delivery? Whether it’s your full suite or one piece of furniture, please have the moving vendor provide us with certificates of insurance that meet the necessary guidelines, by no less than 48 hours in advance of your move.

May I allow a vendor to fall back on tenant insurance?

Any person or company performing services on a tenant’s behalf that has not provided the proper insurance documentation, will be deemed to be working for the tenant at the tenant’s acknowledged sole risk; further, it will be assumed that the tenant has agreed in such an instance that the tenant’s insurance is insuring the risk inherent in the activities of the vendor/contractor in question.

Watt Plaza Vendor Insurance Requirements(click here)