Keys and Locksets

Locks and Keys - Building Engineering can assist with repairing most locks and manufacturing/reproducing keys depending upon the extent of the repair and the particular door to which the lock was installed. All door hardware installed at Watt Plaza must be pre-approved in writing and shall be Building-standard hardware:

Watt Plaza
Building Standard Materials
III. Hardware

  1. Schlage L-Series, "Sparta" Mortise passage, Style #17, ND 10S, #626 Satin Chromium finish.
  2. Schlage L-Series, "Sparta" Mortise Lockset, Style #17, ND 53PD, #626 Satin Chromium finish.
  3. Schlage D-Series cylindrical locks "Sparta" 626.
  4. Entrance Lock-D53PD SPA 626.

Note: REPLACE ALL NEW HARDWARE IN SAME LOCATION AS EXISTING UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON THE PLANS. The tenant is not permitted to change, modify, or install any other type of hardware without written approval by Building Management.

Lockset Installation - for each lockset installed, three keys are issued; if additional keys are required, they may be obtained at an additional cost.

The price list for keys is indicated as follows: (Key Price List).

Key/Lock/Lockset Requests - All key/lock/lockset requests should be placed through the ANGUS work order system.

All key requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis during normal business hours and shall depend on the availability of the Engineering Staff, except for emergency re-keying.