Invoices for basic rent and miscellaneous charges will be sent in the last week of each month; please note that rent statements are provided as a courtesy only.  Rent is due on or before the first day of each month in accordance with the terms of your lease, “Section 3. Rent” whether or not a rent statement is received.

Watt Management Company has a lock box banking system; payments must be mailed directly to the lock box address as indicated on your rent statement.   For your convenience, listed below is the lock box for tenants in the respective building(s):

1875 Century Park East
Watt Plaza
P.O. Box 281
Rodeo, CA 94547

1925 Century Park East
Watt Plaza
P.O. Box 391
Rodeo, CA 94547

Please remember to note your suite number on your check and kindly return the remittance portion of the statement with your payment to the lock box. The inclusion of special notes referring to the application of funds is not only helpful, but encouraged.

Please do not submit your payment to the Building Management Office unless Building Management has directed you to do so – your payment may not be posted in a timely manner which could result in delinquencies/late fee.

Please contact the Accounting Department in the Building Management Office at (310) 789-2184 should you have any questions.