Building Management is dedicated to maintaining a clean building for the comfort and enjoyment of all our valued tenants. Building cleaning services are provided on a contract basis by ABM Janitorial.  Day porter services are for maintenance of the common areas and are provided daily Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding building observed holidays.

Day Porter Services

Day porter janitorial services are focused on maintaining the cleanliness of the building’s common areas; it is essential that their time is used effectively to maintain those areas. Consequently, the following costs for service have been implemented:

  • Vacuuming: Nominal fee of $19 per ½ hour (minimum).

  • Mop-up: Nominal fee of $19 per ½ hour (minimum).

  • Trash Removal (Food Stuffs Only)*: Nominal fee of $19 per ½ hour (minimum).

  • Large Rolling Trash Bin Rental: $65 fee per load; over a 24 hour rental period. Dimensions: H 44" X D 35" X W 69"

*Please note that "Trash Removal" refers to removal of Food Stuffs only and does not include the removal of cardboard boxes from your suite.

How do I dispose of cardboard boxes?

  • Cardboard boxes can be removed by the night janitorial staff only.
  • Cardboard Boxes must be broken down flat.
  • Cardboard boxes must be folded so they are no-bigger than 18"x18".
  • Cardboard boxes must be labeled "Trash" or "Basura".
  • A maximum of 3 cardboard boxes can be discarded at a time.

May I remove boxes myself?

Yes, you may take boxes to the trash compactor via the freight elevator at no cost. Please submit your request via the Angus Work Order System. Please select the "Remove Trash" request type and specify in the "Details" section that you would like to remove the boxes yourself. Building Management will engage a Day Porter to unlock the trash compactor for you; the trash compactor is located behind the 1875 building loading dock.

When do I need to rent a large rolling trash bin?

Large rolling trash bins should be rented for the removal of large amounts of trash from your suite.

Night Janitorial Services

The janitorial night crew is responsible for maintaining common areas and providing the following standard services within your suite:


  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Dust mop or sweep all hard surface floors and spot clean when necessary.
  • With the exception of computer equipment, dust all surfaces within reach.  No personal items or papers will be moved.
  • Spot clean file cabinets, doors, frames, switch plates, around door knobs and countertops.
  • Empty all trash containers and replace liners where necessary.

Twice a Week

  • Edge carpeted floors with small tool or broom.
  • Dust baseboards, chair legs, rungs and other areas of furniture not dusted in nightly cleaning.


  • Dust picture frames.
  • Dust window blinds.
  • Scrub and wax or spray buff and machine polish building-standard hard-surface floors. 

Available Over standard Services:

  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Partition Glass Cleaning
  • Kitchen Detailing; i.e. microwave cleanout, refrigerator clean out, strip & wax floor, clean walls, cupboard cleanout, etc.
  • High Dusting: (above six feet)
  • Grout Floor Cleaning
  • Private Restroom Detailing

Please feel free to contact the Building Management Office at 310-789-2179 with any other questions or concerns.