Emergency Preparedness Training

Watt Plaza has teamed up with RJ Westmore to provide you with the most current Emergency Preparedness Training for the following areas/topics:

• Fire Life Safety
• Floor Warden
• Earthquake
• Bomb Threat
• Medical Emergency
• Power Failure and more…

To take advantage of this program, please start as follows:

  1. Open the link www.rjwestmoretraining.com
  2. If you are a Current User please follow the “Current User” Instructions. If you are a new user please skip down to the “New User” section for more instructions.

Current Users:

  • If you have previously registered, just enter your email address and personal password on the “Login” screen. Click “Login” and you’re in!
  • If you forgot your password just click “Forgot Your Password?” and a temp password will be emailed to you.

New Users:

  • Your company has its own registration code that should have been emailed to you by someone within your company.
  • If you don’t know your company specific registration code contact your company management or just email support@rjwestmoretraining.com and we will email you your code immediately.

Sample screen shot of your Watt Plaza homepage

Features & benefits of your Watt Plaza Online Fire Life Safety Training program

Why is it that each tenant is required to complete the online safety training?

  • Federal OSHA code 1910.38, California State code Title 19 and Los Angeles City Fire Department code LAMC 57.408.8.6 require ALL occupants participate in onsite evacuation drills and be trained at least once annually. Watt Plaza has provided you with unlimited 24/7 access to your online fire life safety training system so you can do the online portion of your training at your convenience. It’s animated by former Disney artists and only takes about 30 minutes. You can also watch each module one at a time at your own pace if you wish.
  • Failure to participate can result in fines and penalties of $100-$1,000 per day and/or up to six months in jail.

Why is your participation required?

  • YOUR LIFE SAFETY - Participation is required because there is a direct correlation between preparedness and life safety.