Pest Control

While pests pose significant problems to people, property and the indoor environment, the pesticides used to solve these problems bring risks as well. Building Management implemented an Integrated Pest Management Program in accordance with guidelines established under the LEED EB Rating System in an effort to maintain a healthy indoor environment for all building occupants. Watt Plaza continually evaluates the Pest Management Program in terms of its effectiveness and safety.

IsoTech Pest Management, Inc. is the company used here at Watt Plaza to treat the building exterior (including the parking structure), loading docks, common area corridors, common area restrooms, lobby and stairwells.

What if I notice a cockroach in the restroom or other common area?

Authorized Suite Contacts should place a work order in the Angus Work Order System using the request type "Pest Control Request". Please be sure to include specifics in the "notes" section.

In accordance with your lease terms, Tenant shall, at all times during the Term and at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, keep the Premises and everything within the Premises, including but not limited to any alterations, improvements, fixtures and Personal Property, in good and sanitary condition and repair. Building Management strives to achieve economies of scale when possible, and therefore recommends that the IsoTech Pest Management, Inc. service be used for your needs. Consequently, should you choose to use IsoTech Pest Management, Inc. for your pest control needs, there will be an associated fee to be quoted by Building Management.

What if I notice a cockroach, ants, etc. in one or more areas within my suite?

  • The authorized suite contact will advise Building Management of the pest problem within your suite via the Angus Work Order System.
  • The Building Management Office (BMO) will inform the authorized suite contact of the associated fee and will offer to schedule the pest control service for the suite.
  • The BMO will issue the pest control service quote to tenant for approval.
  • Upon written approval from the tenant, the BMO will place the service request with IsoTech Pest Management, Inc. via email.
  • IsoTech Pest Management, Inc. will respond within (1-2) Business Day(s) per contract guidelines.
  • BMO coordinates suite access for IsoTech Pest Management, Inc. to complete the service.
  • After service is complete, charges will appear on the tenant statement.

Can I use my own pest control vendor?

Yes, provided the following criteria are met:

  • The vendor must be in full compliance with Watt Plaza Vendor Insurance Requirements (click here).
  • The vendor must be in compliance with LEED Guidelines (click here).