Storage Space

On-site Storage

Watt Plaza has an array of on-site storage space(s) available and offered at competitive market rates. Tenants can take advantage of having a storage space on-site instead of dealing with off-site pick-up and deliveries, limited storage locker hour access, etc.

Where are the Storage Spaces located?

1875 and 1925 buildings – floors 2 through 23 (applies to multi-tenant floors) – ea. space equals approx. 36 sq. ft.
Motor Court (located below each tower) – spaces range from 96 sq. ft. to 740 sq. ft.
B-3 Parking Level (bottom level of the parking structure) – spaces range from 135 sq. ft. to 575 sq. ft.

How can I obtain a storage space?

Contact CiCi Montgomery at the Building Management Office (310) 789-2179 or email for storage space availability, rental rates, storage leases, etc.

Who is eligible to rent a storage space?

New tenants or tenants that have an existing lease are eligible to rent storage space. Subtenants wishing to rent storage space can rent the space through the main tenant (their Landlord).


Storage space rates vary depending on the location within the building, accessibility and a comparative market study of the surrounding storage facilities within the area. Consequently, the spaces on each floor of the building rent at a higher square footage than the spaces on the B3 level of the parking structure.