Tenant Security Tips

Tenant Security Tips

Maintaining Personal Security

  • Personal valuables should never be left unattended in plain sight.
  • Use escort services which are available at all times; call Security at 310-789-2188 or go to the 1875 Building Security Console.
  • Report items that appear out of place/suspicious immediately to The Building Security Main Desk (310) 789-2188.
  • Be prepared to give accurate descriptions of race, age, sex, appearance, location, etc.

Maintaining Suite Security

  • Never leave keys in a door lock.
  • Report key loss to Building Management immediately.
  • Retrieve keys from outgoing employees.
  • Make sure that keys issued on a temporary basis are returned.
  • Lock interior doors whenever possible.
  • Check suite doors when you leave after hours.
  • Report solicitors immediately to Building Security.
  • Report damaged/malfunctioning doors to the Building Management Office immediately.

Maintaining Equipment Security

  • Secure laptops to docking stations or locking cables.
  • Store laptops with no locking devices and portable electronics in a secured cabinet.
  • Tag and inventory property with serial numbers and model numbers.
  • Submit a written request via the Angus work order system for all outgoing equipment.
  • Use engravers and identification stickers.
  • Use tracking software and PC marking systems.

Petty Cash

  • Use a locked cash box.
  • Lock cash boxes in a desk drawer or cabinet when leaving the office.
  • Do not let cash accumulate.

Note: Building Security is here to observe and report.

LAPD West L.A. Division: Non-Emergency Phone Number for police report filing: (310) 444-0701.

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