Building Security works in conjunction with Building Management to enforce building policy and remove solicitors when discovered. The following procedures are recommended with regard to encountering solicitors:

In the event a solicitor gains entrance to your suite, you should:

  1. Ask him or her to have a seat while an Authorized Suite Contact is notified. 
  2. The office manager should call the Building Management Office at (310) 789-2179 immediately. 
  3. Upon notification the Building Management Office will dispatch a security officer to the suite so that the solicitor may be directly informed of the building policy and be personally escorted off the premises.  The solicitor should never be left alone or unobserved while in the Tenant’s suite.  Under no circumstances should the Tenant confront or attempt to remove a solicitor.
  4. In case the solicitor exits your suite prior to the arrival of a security officer, please make note of his or her general description, approximate age, color of clothing, hair color and any other distinguishing features to assist Building Security in identification.